Diplomate ES-12-PB-8003 code: ES-12-PB-8003

Class and refinement...

Each event has its own level of importance, but when an event requires an international level or visibility, the Diplomate mobile booth is truly a wise choice for the occasion.
Its exterior look with its laminated wood finish gives it a brand image. Moreover, the Diplomate booth integrates perfectly into the most demanding protocol environments such as courthouses, parliaments, conference rooms of world organizations or boardrooms, etc. Wherever decorum and institutional prestige are required. The Diplomate booth has become a master at integrating discreetly into the most prestigious environments and settings, while offering its users comfort and an efficient workspace.

MCI mobile booths... Your ultimate link between your message and the world...


  • Maximum capacity of (3) interpreters
  • (10) panels
  • (2) 110/220 volts 38 dB Airvac fan units
  • (1) removable work table
  • (1) ATA transport case on wheels
  • (2) external sealed grommets
  • Option : 110/220 volt external air conditioning unit including (1) transport case and accessories
  • Option : Double clear polycarbonate plastic windows
  • Option : Kit of internal partitions (2) including (1) door panel
  • Option : (2) tables for creating (2) individual workspaces
171 cm
203 cm
173 cm
261.91 lbs (118.8 kg)
Cherry maple
ISO 4043 This product
is certified!