Messenger ES-12-PB-8004 code: ES-12-PB-8004

To be heard and seen...

The basis of all communication is that the message be clear and effective. The Messenger ES-12/PB-8004 simultaneous interpretation mobile booth fulfills this dual mandate, allowing interpreters to work in a professional and quiet environment, and participants in seminars and conferences to be able to rely on clear and accurate information about the progress of activities. The LED message panels integrated into the Messenger booth allow you to display your message quickly thanks to the programmable remote control. The Messenger booth becomes a complete communication tool making your event as interesting as possible.

MCI mobile booths... the ultimate link between your messages and the world...


  • Maximum capacity of (2) interpreters
  • (10) panels
  • (2) 110/220 volts 38 dB Airvac fan units
  • (1) removable work table
  • (1) ATA transport case on wheels
  • (2) external sealed grommets
  • (1) programmable LED message panel with control
  • Option : External air conditioning unit including transport case and accessories
  • Option : Double clear polycarbonate plastic windows
  • Option : Kit of internal partitions (2) including (1) door panel
  • Option : (2) tables for the creation of (2) individual workspaces
171.4 cm
203.5 cm
173.5 cm
261.91 lbs (118.8 kg)
Light grey (ABS plastic finish)
ISO 4043 This product
is certified!