The MCI booth from the range Protocole, Diplomate, Messenger and Congress all meet the ISO-4043-1998 standard for the simultaneous interpretation mobile booth. Moreover, they are accepted by the General Direction of the interpretation of the European Commission.

Each MCI booth can be transported and moved into a carrying case specially designed for this purpose, making it quick and safe to carry.

The MCI booths were designed to be assembled in less than 15 minutes, without any tools.

The circulation of fresh air is essential for the interpreter’s comfort so every MCI booth come with two fans that allows air intake and evacuation. In addition, fans allow the cubic air exchange , several times per hour , ensuring ideal conditions for users.

Each MCI booth offers moving working tables that can be easily installed. Also, they come with grommets that supplies the electronic equipments.

MCI interior finishing fabrics meet the highest standards in terms of fire resistance. Moreover, for user comfort, the inner fabric is anti-allergen.

The flexibility of the MCI booth is complete, which allows the installation of a door panel to the left, right, or side at the rear, according to the configuration of the space.

Each MCI booth has a grommet (2) allowing the introduction of a power cable. These grommets have a protection against sound infiltration.

No, the access doors should not have a locking system for safety reasons however,the door closure system of the MCI booth uses a strong and silent magnet.

The exterior finish consists of ABS plastic allying robustness and lightness. It is scratch resistant and keeps its appearance over the years. It is also non-reflective.

The clear surfaces of the MCI booth are made out of polycarbonate that is scratch resistant and even lighter than glass. Also, it has a higher sound reverberation rate.

All the MCI booths are available in a version of 2 or 3 interpreters. Sets for enlarging the space are available as well.

MCI is the new signature of Multi-Caisses Inc. With our sustained growth and our world presence, our new logo represents a flag that units people, and that shows innovation towards the future.