Protocole ES-12-PB-8002 code: ES-12-PB-8002

The standard one…

The Protocole ES-12/PB-8002 simultaneous interpretation mobile booth is undeniably an industry standard. Its flexibility and advantages, both operational and acoustic, are already an ideal guarantee of excellence for official meetings and international events. Its careful construction, sound attenuation level and low door sill make it the mobile booth of choice for interpretation service providers around the world.
If you are looking for reliability, proven durability or unique acoustics, the Protocole ES-12/PB-8002 mobile booth is the obvious choice.

MCI mobile booths... your ultimate link between your message and the world...


  • Maximum capacity of (2) interpreters
  • (10) panels
  • (2) 6 volts 35 dB air extraction units
  • (2) LX350 LED internal lighting unit with dimmer
  • (1) removable work table
  • (1) ATA transport case on wheels
  • (2) external sealed grommets
  • Option : Double clear polycarbonate plastic windows
  • Option : Kit of internal partitions (2) including (1) door panel for creating (2) individual workspaces
171.4 cm
203.5 cm
173.5 cm
261.91 lbs (118.8 kg)
ISO 4043 This product
is certified!